Trauma Insurance

It comes in a range of names, Trauma, Crisis or even Recovery Money are some of these names. But this type of cover can help you survive the financial consequences of a health crisis. This type of policy offers lump sum protection for both your short and long-term financial needs.

It gives you the peace of mind that all will be ok. If anyone in the family is diagnosed with a major illness, as listed in the policy document, some 30+ conditions, you will be paid your insured lump sum to help cover any need that may arise. It could be the extra medical expenses, the loss of income, the ability for a family member to stop working for a period of time to care for you and the family. Or maybe if you are single allowing you to keep your independence and not rely on others to help.

Even if it was not major there are many partial payments for early onsets of illnesses.

This truly is a miracle product.


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